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jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

PERU land for cycling.
PERU land for cycling.

Since long ago, when I started backpack travelling in my country realized this land is ideal for cycling when saw the scenery, roads, trails, towns and almost endless opportunities to go on a bike, then dropped off the backpack and shifted to the man powered two wheels rig. The change revealed to be correct and empowered my travel capacity in a way totally different revealing that traveling with my bicycle gained autonomy, freedom and enjoy the wonders of being in tune and connection with the land, people, trails and villages on my way. Got a number of friends everywhere and meet friendly people always curious to know about me and my trip. This way Peru becomes so familiar and easy to visit that right after the end of the trip a new trip plan emerges in the mind to go further to discover terra incognita. Bike touring in Peru is addictive due to the awesome experiences lived on each ride, at 20 kph time is plenty to feel, to see, to meditate. Colors, scents, sounds. Open spaces, landscapes in transit. The bike becomes nomad, alone or with someone else.

Then flourished the idea of organizing bike tours in Peru to invite people to live and share this unique experiences.  Peru Cycling tours are the result of sheer tests and surveys to define the best routes and itineraries off the beaten path focused in tune and connection with the destination. 
The bike tours we organize and lead follow the criteria that best suits people’s taste: small groups, individuals and custom tailored trips, for the regular cycling lovers, for adventure enthusiasts and for the ones interested in serious exploring and discovery. 

I want to invite you to visit our website  pick the bike tour that you feel inspires and suits you the best.

Hope to see you soon in a ride with us.

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