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jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

NO MORE TOURS... TOURISTS NO MORE - NEW FOCUS on Perucycling > “unique off the beaten trail experiences”

NO MORE TOURS... TOURISTS NO MORE -  NEW FOCUS on Perucycling > “unique off the beaten trail experiences”

Our last expedition was oginally named The Cusco Adventure before departure, after completing the trip "Butterfly River Expedition" was added.

This experience changed our focus and we realized that tours and tourists (including "Susie the tourist") are not the business we are interested in.

The  "real off the beaten trail experience" concept is the one that better describes our feeling and what we like to do.

Places with no crowds of tourists, new routes and destinations. Explore and discovery and real adventure are the leads for our next trips.

The unique concept. There is only one first time for some things in life. The Butterfly River Expedition was that, the two austalians coming with us were the first two foreigners ever seen at the remote native comunity we reached after ten days traveling by car, cycling and a final extremely demanding full day trek through the most beautiful untouched virgin forest. The scenic beauty seen reminded me the forest in the Avatar movie, a thousand times better but real.

The final destination was reached thanks to the help from the native guides we met on the way while we were asking following the clues we had about the Butterfly River comunity (the actual name in native language won't be never revealed, Butterfly River doesn’t exist so named on maps).

The privilege of being the first reaching these beautiful remote sites will be reserved for just few people, the ones joining our next explore and discovery expeditions.

These trips will be repeated just two more times with a limited number of people, adventure and nature lovers in condition to afford the demands of such an experience aside from the basic requirements such as fitness, good mental condition, toughness, endurance, tolerance, positive attitude and love for fun.  Actually we are not interested in money, we are interested in living real off the beaten trail experiences together with the ones in condition to do this with us.

The details of the trip, location, route, GPS track, etc., won't be revealed in public in order to preserve these sites free of the stream of undesired visitors that would follow us and to keep intact nature and original native culture.

So, the options will be:
Expedition 1. Explore and discovery. Be the first, discover the trail. The unique privilege.
Expedition 2. Be the second visiting the place.
Expedition 3. Be last one visiting the place.

Want to go?
Contact me.
Next year, starting from May.

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