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lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012


                                                                                   (English version below)
Del 4 al 8 Enero 2013
Este será el viaje más espectacular del 2013. FOLLOWING – SEGUIR AL DAKAR será una verdadera aventura en cleta por el desierto de Ica. Una gran oportunidad para vivir experiencias únicas con el equipo de exploración de Peru Cycling.

Con el soporte de la nueva camioneta Land Rover 4x4 de Peru Cycling y de la CTP Wagon iremos tras las huellas del Dakar en bici a través del desierto desde Pisco hasta Nazca.
Nuestra expedición tiene varios objetivos, el principal es vigilar y resguardar el sitio de los Geoglifos Secretos de Ica de cualquier posible daño causado por los vehículos del Dakar o por la gente que va al desierto a ver el evento, también vamos a explorar el camino del Dakar, conocer los yacimientos de fósiles y sitios arqueológicos que hay en la ruta  y comprobar que el Dakar no haya causado  daños.

Partimos de Lima el 4 de enero, terminamos en Nazca el 8.
Los espacios son limitados solo para 18 personas.  Reserva el tuyo ahora.

Contamos con toda la organización y logística necesaria para que la expedición sea una aventura inolvidable.

Quieres ir y ser parte de la historia de esta aventura épica?


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January 4th – 8th 2013
This will be the most spectacular event organized in early 2013 by Peru Cycling.  FOLLOWING – SEGUIR AL DAKAR will be a real adventure on bikes through the Ica desert.  A great opportunity to live unique off the beaten path experiences with the explore team of Peru Cycling.

With the aid of the new 4x4 Land Rover support vehicle and the CTP Wagon the Peru Cycling team will follow the Dakar tracks on bikes through the desert from Pisco to Nazca.

This expedition is intended first to watch and protect the Ica Secret Geoglyphs, also we will explore the Dakar route, visit the fossils deposits and archaeological sites on the way and verify no damages by the Dakar has been caused.

Departure from Lima on Jan 4th, finish in Nazca on the 8th
Seats are limited to 18.  Book yours now.

We have the organization and logistics necessary to make this expedition an unforgettable adventure.
Want to go and be part of this epic adventure?

Mobile /Whatsapp /Viber  +51990128105 
Nextel 115*368   rpm *530208   


jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012


One of the most amazing experiences for volunteers from all over the world can be lived in the Peruvian Andes region with the new Volunteers Program of Peru Cycling.
We offer you the opportunity to be part of our team and participate in the projects and activities we organize.

Sustainable Adventure Cycling & Touring, Social Assistance and Cultural Immersion

We research, study and explore to develop and create unique bike routes through superb scenic beauty Andean lands and bike trails to enjoy the wonders of our country and to enlarge our Routes and Destinations Catalog . These new routes and destinations will be offered as unique off the beaten path tours operated exclusively by Peru Cycling. These exclusive tours are the key tools to rise the funds supporting this Volunteers Program and the Social Assistance activities.

As a direct consequence of these activities the local communities involved in the new proposed destinations will benefit from our visits by supplying us the goods and services needed locally on the tours, such as food, accommodation, local guiding, animal transport, muleteers, etc., and also by selling their products, handcrafts, art work, etc. 

We have the commitment to assist the local communities hosting us and in lack of some amenities such as basic sanitation (toilets) or good accommodation facilities by donating what they need and helping them to have ready such basic infrastructures. Also we assist local communities by training on hospitality services to make them our direct local services providers and partners. Moreover we encourage them to promote and extend their attractions as a new destination in the Peruvian touring industry.

The cultural immersion commitment implies the full respect for the local communities’ culture, avoiding any foreign negative impact against their authentic cultural identity. By learning and living the costumes and traditions we want to contribute to preserve the cultural heritage. Legends, stories and tales are also key content elements needed to make the Peru Cycling tours a unique off the beaten path experience.

We promote and prefer to use the services provided by the existing Rural Communitary Tourism and Existential Tourism ventures in Peru.

As volunteer in our organization you will explore and travel throughout Peru, live real adventure, meet the people of our country and the people interested on our tours, learn the life style, legends, costumes and traditions of Peru in the cities and in the remote villages on the Andes mountains, learn our language and enjoy of a nice place to stay and work together with people like you interested in a true life experience in Peru.


Your duties as volunteer will include office and field work. At the office the tasks involved are use of most common computer software, e-marketing, tours planning and research, booking enquiries attention and scheduling, SEO, inventories, etc. and all others related with the Peru Cycling Volunteers Program.  A weekly achievements and results report must be submitted.  In the field you will participate in the explore expeditions and in the social assistance and cultural immersion activities with the communities we will work with in the remote Andean mountains. In the tours with customers first you will act as deputy guide and after getting familiarized with the tours operations you can be the leader guide.  An end of expedition or tour feedback report must be submitted as well.

Peru Cycling – Cicloturismo Peru

Is a family owned Adventure Cycling and Touring company.  Working in this field since 2005 during these years we have acquired lots of experience and now we are focused on growing and extending the reach of our activities.  We are based in Chaclacayo, a nice village 25k east from Lima city, some 45 minutes drive, a very good place to live and work away from the city chaos.

The Peru Cycling Volunteers Program

This is a new project. Basically consists in providing living, working and travel opportunities for volunteers interested in a Peruvian experience as described above. 

The number of positions for volunteers is limited.

In this early stage of the project following is offered to volunteers:

·         Training and hospitality.
·         Opportunities to work in the office and in the field.
·         A free safe place to stay with internet access and self-cooking facilities.
·         Free homemade daily food.
·         Assistance and advice for your best stay in Peru.
·         Opportunities to travel in Peru either for free with the tours we organize as team member or paid with our travel organization.

We expect from volunteers:

·         All your best and commitment with the goals of the Peru Cycling Volunteers Program. As everything else in life the beginning may be hard, the success of the project will depend on you.
·         To work hard focused on the achievements we want to reach.
·         Loyalty, cooperation and new fresh ideas.
·         Enthusiasm, tolerance and positive mind.
·         Good results.


The volunteers program is offered from three up to six months per participant.  We reserve the right to cancel the program at any time and dismiss the participant in case of any unexpected issue arises.

Gear and equipment

We provide all general use basic gear and equipment for the tours and explore expeditions such as vehicle, bicycles, helmets, tents, GPS, etc. The volunteer participant must bring his/her own personal gear and equipment such as backpack, outdoors clothing, head light, gloves, sun glasses, sun screen, sleeping bag and pad, etc.

Payments and Expenses.

The program does not offer any payment to the volunteers during the time they participate in the program. Housing, food, electricity, water, gas, and internet access is provided by the program to the volunteers for free. All other personal expenses must be covered by the volunteers.

Conditions and Requirements.

The Peru Cycling Volunteers Program is executed entirely in Peru.
The volunteers must travel from/to their home countries to/from Peru on their own expenses.
All travel related paper work, visa, etc., must be cleared by the volunteers before travel to Peru.
International vaccination certificate is required.
Health and Life insurance is required.
Age limit is 18 or more.
Volunteer must be in good health and mental condition.
Volunteers must have his/her own funds to cover all personal expenses except what is provided for free by the program.
Volunteers must accept the rules and conditions of the program related with work, living, travel, behavior, care and use of the provided services and facilities, persons admittance, etc.
Drugs use is not allowed.
Tobacco smoking is restricted indoors.
Good shared living habits are required.

Availability and Schedule

Volunteers must ask for positions availability and indicate the time of the year they would participate in the program to organize the availability schedule.

Personal resume.

Volunteers must submit their personal resume (CV) for evaluation.

Like the idea and interested on more info?

Contact us:

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012


From May 3rd to 16th

The long and winding roads of Peru rolling down the hills, climbing up the top wonders as the flying high birds of pray watching us shooting the superb beauty scenery for your eyes only.

Follow the updates of the experience on this blog and FB!/events/422304671130863/

Nice to share with you all the pics, all the views, all the thoughts, all the feelings and whole lotta love.
As always it is not enough since everything ever lived use to go deep inside forever.

Find our location from the Spot reports

And stay tuned...

jueves, 12 de abril de 2012


April 21st - 22nd 2012

2 days / 1 night

Location: 180 km south of LimaLevel 3. Adventure.
All year round
Cycling distance: 90 km approx.
Altitude range: 0 – 480 m.a.s.l.

The cycling adventure starts in Cañete and follows along the rural road going gently uphill on the left wing of the valley, passing through the crops fields and the villages named: Herbay, San Juan, Espíritu santo palo, Isla alta, San Carlos, Concon, Ramadilla, La toma and Socsi. The road condition is varied including sections through singletracks and carrying the bike. At Socsi the rural road meets the paved road leading to Lunahuaná. The cycling journey ends in the swimming pool at the hotel. Relaxing evening at the town.

Next morning visit the town and surroundings. A good option is to adventure in a very exciting white water river rafting. 

Another option is to visit the impressive archaeological site of Incahuasi. In the afternoon return to Cañete and on to Lima.

From Lima to Cañete on our CTP Wagon, round trip.

Keywords: Sun, pure air, nature, relax, landscapes, local cuisine dishes, river, good climate, fruits, wine, pisco, fresh water shrimps, river rafting, nice and friendly people, swimming pool.

In Lima the tour starts and ends from your hotel front door.

Want to go?

Contact me:

mobile +51 990128105
phone: 51 1 4971660