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lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015



Are you interested in mountain biking in Cusco, Peru?

One of the most amazing experiences that can be lived on the Peruvian Andes biking along the ancient trails of Cusco on the Sacred Valley of the Inkas, riding the Lares valley on the best downhill trail in the Americas, arrive Ollantaytambo from the heights of Abra Malaga at 4300m and enter Cusco city by the stone paved trails made by the Inkas. The superb beauty scenery along the Andean trails hosts archaeological remains of the facilities made by the Inkas such as Moray,Yuncaypata, Inkilltambo, Chuquiquirao and the millenary Maras salt mines, etc.   
Now a days those trails are still in use by local farmers continuing their cultural heritage and us on this route specially developed by will enjoy all these wonders to be your personal epic Andean biking experience.

The bike trip can be organized in 3 days / 2 nights,  4 days /3 nights and 5 days / 4 nights

See more details and book this tour here:

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