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(See below useful information about Cusco)

Tha land of the reign of the Inkas, the Center of the Andean World where to meet history, legends, tradition, amazing high end Inka engineering remains, living ancient culture and the best trails to ride mountain bikes on earth. The great attractions: Macchu Picchu, Maras, Moray, Lares, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Choquequirao, Pisac, Ausangate, Urubamba, Pisac are some of the places to be discovered in this beautiful region.

We named our company Peru Cycling after extensive bicycle touring experiences in Peru as an Adventure Cycling Club -Cicloturismo Peru and realized that you can’t get any closer to the Andean lands you are visiting or cover as much terrain through any other active approach to travel.      

After nine years doing what we love to do we think the expert level has been reached and now our bike tours are carefully organized including top notch equipment, the best logistics and special attention on safety in order to ensure you an unforgettable and exciting experience.

Peru Cycling's tours list includes rides for all audiences, from few hours up to multi-day journeys and levels from beginners, adventure lovers and up to avid expert mountain bikers. 

The list of bike tours, adventure treks and the highlights of Cusco is available by following this link: 

Select the ones you lilke the best, then contact us to organize and complete your booking process.

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Useful information:

LOCATION. Southern Andean highlands of Peru

TERRITORY. 72,104 square Km.
CLIMATE.  The climate in Cusco is dry and ranges from mild to cold Max. temp. 21°C 70°F  Min. Temp. 1°C  34°F
By air: Regular flights from Lima (1 hour) and Arequipa (30 min.)
By land: Lima-Arequipa-Cusco 1,650 km (26 hours drive)
Lima-Nazca-Puquio-Abancay-Cusco 1,131 km (20 hours drive)
Puno-Cusco 389 km (7 hours drive)
By train: Puno-Cusco (10 hours)
ALTITUDE. Lowest 532 masl (Pilcopata). Highest 6384 masl (Ausangate mountain top). Cusco city: 3,400 masl. Machu Picchu: 2,430
What is interesting about Cusco? Living culture, adventure and nature. Great for all audiences: for the ones interested in archaeology and history, monumental religious heritage, folklore and traditions, experiential tourism,  handcraft collectors, bird watchers, and adventure sports amateurs such as trekking, river rafting, zip-line and different modes of mountain biking: cross country, enduro and downhill.
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Mobile / Whatsapp: +51 990128105
Phone: +51 1 4971660

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Ways to visit Machu Picchu

In #Cusco we offer varied ways to visit #Machupichu such as the classic way by train, #trekking options to Machu Picchu  are: #inkatrail, #salkantay trek, #choquequirao trek, #lares trek and a combination of #biking and #hiking on the #inkajungle route including river #rafting and #zipline. Select the one you like the most by taking a look on our website  by #perucycling