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miércoles, 20 de diciembre de 2017



Atiquipa is located on 614k south of Lima, in Arequipa region. Atiquipa is the name of the local town and the name of the National Wildlife Reserve: Lomas de Atiquipa. Lomas are named the ecosystems existing along the Peruvian coast line, they are wild vegetation communities associated to territories with small and medium sized hills facing the winds coming from the ocean with high humidity content that provides the water needed to sustain all living forms existing in these delicate weather dependent environments.
The trails in Lomas de Atiquipa are one the best in the world for mountain biking, offering an amazing hard packed terrain with lots of climbs followed by crazy descents, all this in the middle of an spectacular almost untouched landscape.

Some 3 kilometers south of Atiquipa is Puerto Inka, a beautiful small bay nicely located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, here exists a hotel offering good accommodation and other facilities. The Puerto Inka name comes from the Inka times, this was a good fishing spot from where fresh fish was taken for the Inka emperor in Cusco. The fresh fish was transported to Cusco by "Chaskis", well trained runners carrying the fish in an organized post system along the trail from the sea shore to Cusco across the Andes mountains. Is is said the fish used to arrive Cusco in just few hours. The fish path still exists up to present days. Archaeological rests of the local Inka settlement exist near the hotel and the first Chaski post station on the fish path exists on the top of a hill called Cahuamarca at 1264m. These places are going to be visited on the bike tour we organize.

We have organized an amazing MTB tour in the area described above.
To see the details of the bike tour follow this link

This bike tour is said to be one of the bike rides all mountain bikers must do before die.


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