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viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

The Off The Beaten Trail Option for New Year days: TRANS DESERT PARACAS

When the Paracas Trans desert bike trip was planned the first time we never imagined what was waiting for us. The journey ended to be so rewarding and greatly impressive after living the experience of the desert's secret revealed to us: hidden never seen before ancient geoglyphs lost among the sand dunes.  After that we believe this option fits into the Off The Beaten Trail  for the serious bike touring enthusiasts. We are going to have an experience including fun, good cycling and good touring.

We have organized it in 4 days - 3 nights. It will include: Round trip bus transport from Lima, guide, the bike for the trip across the Paracas National Reserve, camping equipment, food and accommodation the last night at Paracas in a hotel  right in front of the bay with a nice sea view just to don't forget how civilization is like.

The trip goes well organized with guide, navigation equipment, radiocommunication, mechanic support for the bike and first aid in case of need.
All invited to join the desert experience.

Stay and enjoy the New Year's eve with your family and friends. Live this adventure the day after.
Departure: Jan 7th 2011
Aníbal Paredes
Phone: 990 128 105 (Lima)

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